August 2022


Collosol's Eau de Lait is a 100/100 on Yuka !

August 2021

Tajmeeli (ME)

Collosol's Eau de Lait is one of the most popular cleansing products to buy online!

June 2021

Tajmeeli (ME)

Our Essentials Routine is mentioned in this top 8 unmissable products for glowing skin.

December 2020

Vogue Paris

Vanessa Paradis' beauty secrets : our Water Milk is one of them.

June 2020

Milky cosmetics are all the rage. How about you try our Water Milk ? Baby skin guaranteed !

July 2019


"This exceptional care product has seduced generations of women. Fluid as micellar water and white as milk, its texture is a velvety texture that gently eliminates all traces of makeup without the need to rinse, and restores the skin's true freshness. "

June 2019


A NO FOUNDATION GOAL : According to editor in chief Elisabeth Martorell, our Eau de Lait and its delicious perfume is truly a must-have for a perfectly healthy skin.

March 2019

The star of facial cleansers across the Channel is a Parisian product. Trust the English women !

March 2019

Grazia has selected twenty cult beauty products to try at least once in your life.

February 2019


To be beautiful like Angèle... Dream'Up magazine recommends our Eau de Lait !

August 2018

If you are short of tips and miracle beauty products to get perfect skin, Les Eclaireuses advise you...

February 2016

Madame Figaro

The beautiful French-American model and actress Camille Rowe shared with the magazine Madame Figaro that the Eau de Lait is part of her beauty routine.

August 2014


In Clémence Poésy's vanity there is... the Eau de Lait! The lovely French actress uses it to remove her makeup.

March 2014

The famous interview of Karl Lagerfeld, whose secret for a healthy and scented skin was a bath filled with our Eau de Lait every day.It’s your turn to try !

January 2020

Karl Lagerfeld's Best-Kept Beauty Secret Is Now Available In The Uae

July 2019

Cosmopolitan UK

A cleanser that gained the status of icon since legend Karl Lagerfeld called it his secret bath ingredient.

July 2019


An increasing amount of products are turning milky : a respectful and moisturizing formula for sensitive skins. Our Lingettes de Lait are among the favorites.

July 2019

Karl was right ! A little milky miracle that reminds us of vintage Hollywood (or Montmartre?) or even Grandma’s bathroom.

May 2019

Milk skincare is having a moment; from milky textured cleansers and micellar waters to lactic acid face masks that actually contain milk, there isn’t a step in your routine that can’t benefit from a touch of the white stuff.

April 2019

In Touch

How can you learn to love your skin ? With a dash of Collosol’s Eau de Lait, a gentle and milky make-up remover.

March 2019


Eau de Lait leaves the skin fresh, clean and super soft. One of the 7 French girl beauty products that women should know about.

March 2019

Woman & Home

A product so popular that it has sold out 5 times since coming to the UK.

February 2019

The Californian make-up artist and groomer Carola Gonzalez tells us about the lowdown on her beauty routine, the product she uses religiously. She confess being obsessed with our Eau de Lait.

February 2019

La Parisienne’s secret is finally out ! A product that Frenchwomen have been passing on from generation to generation since its creation in the 1950s.

February 2019

Thandie Newton's favorite cleanser is coming to the UK ! Soft and flawless skin here we come !

February 2019

France's best kept beauty secret is coming to the UK. If it's good enough for Karl Lagerfeld or for Thandie Newton, it's perfect for us !

February 2019

The hydrating milk that fly attendants stock up on in Paris, is finally coming to the UK !

February 2019

The famous French cleanser comes to the UK, and costs only £9 !

January 2019

The cult French cleanser in which Karl Lagerfeld bathes everyday is finally coming to the uk.

January 2019

The best international beauty products.

January 2019

Karl Lagerfeld basically swims in it. Finally his secret is coming to the UK !

December 2018

"Neither a micellar water nor a makeup remover. It is the cosmetic product that Parisian women (and Karl Lagerfeld) use to clean their skin".

May 2018

Eau de Lait, the product that makes Westworld’s actresses’ skins look so perfect.

April 2018


"Cleansers have developped a higer purpose" says beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore. "It allows us to wash away the stress , frustration, and literal dirt we have encountered throughout the day."

August 2017

Real Simple

Even better than micellar water ! A simple and efficient beauty ritual to remove all traces of makeup with a gentle softness.