Our story

~ Our story begins in the 50s

It’s the 1950s, and Paris is beaming once again. The city is in a period of euphoria in the post-war years, and the French capital is bursting with a newfound energy. The City of Lights is radiant and full of life. Parisians are going out, enjoying evenings on the town in bars and cabarets in the Latin district. High society has gone back to their big galas and festivities. Parisians cannot stop dancing; they must see and be seen. They spend hours at the cafés, and fill seats at the theater.

It is also the beginning of women’s print media. Parisian women dream of elegance and femininity. They want to enjoy life, their freedom and independence, and they want to embrace their femininity.

So, they express themselves through fashion and make-up. Film and theater actresses wear sophisticated make-up that symbolizes the sensual, refined and bold woman.

The years of austerity are making way for the years of elegance.

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~ A solution for an everyday need

In the 1950s, women already understood the importance of removing your make-up and cleansing your skin every day. This ritual was even more important for actresses, who applied make-up several times a day, including blush which was sometimes difficult to remove. It was for these women that a pharmacist in the infamous Place des Vosges invented the iconic Collosol skin care.

~ An innovative, leading-edge lotion

Une solution originale & efficace

The pharmacist was looking for an effective solution to gently remove make-up and cleanse the skin, while keeping it hydrated and preserving the skin barrier.

While exploring traditional beauty rituals, the pharmacist discovered all the skin care virtues of a milk-based formula. Purifying, tonifying and radiance-enhancing, this formula offers a wide range of cosmetic benefits. By combining water’s refreshing and powerful hydrating action, he obtained a lighter solution which seemed pleasant to use.

~ An olfactory symphony

Une symphonie olfactive

Le pharmacien Beaugonin souhaite associer sa solution à un parfum qui reflète l’âme euphorique/ optimiste de Paris. Son idée est de s’inspirer de l’atmosphère légère et haute en couleur de la ville. Il va alors rechercher des notes olfactives qui évoquent le bonheur, la sensualité, la délicatesse et la fraîcheur. Il se penche ainsi vers la famille des hespéridés, agrumes citronnés, mandarines et oranges exhalant une odeur fraîche, légère et acidulée. Pour insuffler de la douceur et du romantisme à cette fragrance il y ajoute des notes florales grâce à la rose, symbole de la féminité et de l’amour, et le jasmin, dont l’odeur enivrante symbolise la beauté et la sensualité.

~ An incredible formula

Une formule pimpante

Thus, Eau de Lait is born. Its incredible formula offers a velvety texture and joyful fragrance reminiscent of an elegant, sophisticated Paris. More and more Parisian women are raving about the benefits of this beauty ritual contained in little glass bottles. The secret can no longer be contained by artists... this skin care must be distributed to the masses! It is a Collosol brand creation.

~ Enthusiasm over Eau de Lait has been brewing since the 1960s

Without any advertising, Eau de Lait became a must-have in Parisian cosmetics. Simply through word of mouth, the little white and pink bottle became an icon in women’s bathrooms. Passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, it would quickly become the cult product for cleansing, removing make-up and achieving beautiful skin. Throughout its 70-year history, it has been beloved by French celebrities, who continue to be loyal fans.

L’engouement immédiat des années 60-70-80-90
70 ans plus tard

~ 70 years later

70 years later, Collosol continues to be sold in France and is even exported abroad. Thanks to its unique and intrinsic qualities—efficacy, texture and fragrance—Eau de Lait propelled Collosol as a Parisian beauty care brand. In line with its founding mission to offer cosmetics with a strong personality, Collosol is working to expand its range. In the aim of enriching the beauty experience through original textures and new formulas, Collosol is developing new creations:

La parisienne Swirl

~ “The” Parisian woman

La parisienne

The Parisian woman wants to be beautiful while making it seem effortless. This art is referred to as elegance “à la française”. The Parisian woman is timeless and has always represented to everyone, in France and internationally, a woman who is elegant, self-confident, seductive, a bit rebellious and completely free. Her strong character and undeniably chic style makes her the perfect muse for writers and filmmakers, fashion designers and perfumers. The Parisian woman has that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes her unique and legendary. As French style icon Inès de La Fressange said, “You don’t need to be born in Paris to have Parisian style. After all, style is a state of mind”. (La parisienne, 2010). The Parisian woman is active. She is always in a rush and has a very rich social life. She enjoys sipping on her coffee or cocktail on terraces throughout the capital while chatting with her friends for hours on end. Her attitude is a bit paradoxical, which is what makes her so charming. Ever the optimist, she is joyful and always smiling. Sophisticated and feminine, she breathes freedom. She also captures your attention with her provocative and nonchalant nature, as well as the cavalier way in which she expresses herself and speaks her mind.

Eau de lait Colossol

Just as we did before, today we want to transform a part of her daily routine into a delightful and pleasant sensorial experience, marked by lightness, elegance and the embodiment of the Parisian woman.

Your Parisian companion, since 1950