The benefits of the double cleansing ritual

The benefits of the double cleansing ritual

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Take care of your skin with a double cleansing ritual

You have almost certainly heard it over and over again: cleansing your face in the evening is crucial to relieve and free your skin from all the impurities that have built up throughout the day. If left covered by this layer of dust and make-up for too long, the skin may become stifled and damaged. Cleansing is thus a fast and easy way to offer your skin a breath of fresh air and to help it repair itself along with any future skin care you may apply. The list of face cleansing methods is endless, but the double cleansing ritual is one of the most effective. Who knows? You may end up using it on your skin!

What is the double cleansing ritual?

Like so many other beauty products and techniques, double cleansing originates from Japan. This method is actually the first step of the layering routine, which consists of applying various layers of skin care to your face for deep repairing action.

Quickly adopted by the Japanese and Koreans, double cleansing includes one make-up removal step and one cleansing step. It helps to better prepare the skin for lotions, serums or creams.

Step one: remove make-up and impurities

The first step is to remove make-up. Given that make-up, sebum and many impurities (mainly pollution particles) are oily by nature, another oily substance is the most effective way to remove them! Rather than a lotion or micellar water, the make-up remover oil appears to be the best ally for this first step. Thanks to its properties, it acts gently on the hydrolipidic film without stripping it. Contrary to certain misconceptions, an oil is entirely appropriate for oily skin, as it remove only excess sebum, whereas other cosmetics tend to remove all the sebum, thus altering the skin barrier.

Although oils may seem like a silver bullet, always pay close attention to the actives and ingredients in their composition. Plant-based oils are generally preferred over mineral oils, which are derived from petrochemicals and can be harmful to your skin and even your health.

After warming it up between your hands, apply it to your face using your fingertips. It removes all your make-up and larger impurities. Massage your skin in a circular motion and treat yourself to a relaxing experience. This genuine lifting and anti-aging massage activates subcutaneous blood circulation and firms up your facial muscles.

Step two: cleanse and repair

Once the make-up remover oil has been rinsed with clean water, you can apply the cleanser. Apply it to wet skin to remove the last remaining impurities and dead cells left behind from the first step.

Opt for a gentle, hydrating cleanser which the skin will tolerate better. Avoid any cleansers with a basic pH (above 7) as they tend to alter the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier.

This step also allows you to target a specific need for your skin. Hydrate, nourish, smooth, purify, balance... Choose a product that is gentle on your skin and that meets its needs. Thoroughly rinse your skin with clean water after each of the two steps to wash away any impurities that may have been dislodged but remain on the surface.

Optional step: a bit of hydration

Once your face has been cleansed and then dried with a clean towel, you may want to apply a water-rich lotion. Although optional, this last step helps remove those last little traces of make-up you may have missed. It also helps counteract the effects of hard or chlorinated tap water which can dry out the skin. Lotion is perfect for dehydrated skin, as it provides additional hydration and preps the skin to absorb any subsequent skin care (fabric mask, serum, cream, etc.).

What are the benefits of the double cleansing ritual?

The double cleansing ritual is extremely beneficial for the skin. By combining the action of both steps, this routine fulfils its primary purpose which is, first and foremost, to cleanse the skin. But it does so gently, while respecting the epidermis and its needs and sensitivities. Skin is left clean and hydrated. Its now clear surface is ready to absorb the next skin care products in your routine to continue the deep repairing action and to restore skin’s radiance.

The double cleansing ritual has the added advantage of being suitable for all skin types, including combination or oily skin. For combination and oily skin, be sure to check the comedogenic rating of the formula’s plant-based oils to avoid the appearance of spots. More reactive skin types will appreciate a make-up remover oil adapted to their sensitivity (rich in coconut, for example). For dry skin, the richest make-up remover oils (such as argan-based oils) and the most nourishing cleansers are best to eliminate tightness and make skin comfortable again. If in doubt, opt for a make-up remover oil rich in a plant-based oil which takes care of all skin types, such as sunflower oil.

The secret to a successful double cleansing ritual is simple: the ingredients and skin care you use must be perfectly suited to your skin. Although the ritual is taken from the layering routine, you do not need to adopt the entire routine if you do not see the need. Everyone’s skin has is own unique needs, needs which must be taken into account to take care of it properly. No need to bother with a multi-layered beauty routine if you can achieve flawless skin with a double cleansing ritual and night cream!

Double cleansing offers several skin care benefits, but repeated rubbing with a cotton pad can take a toll on your skin. Instead, massage your skin with bare hands. You will also be helping the environment by reducing your consumption of cotton pads, made from the most polluting fiber in the world.

Are you ready to take the plunge and test this beauty routine? Then you will be thrilled to learn that Collosol is currently developing a make-up remover oil and gentle face cleanser!

If you are already an avid follower of this evening ritual, Collosol Eau de Lait hydrates the skin once it is cleansed. With its gentle, velvety texture and subtle orange blossom fragrance, Eau de Lait awakens the senses, smooths out the skin and keeps it fully hydrated to prepare it for any subsequent skin care.

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