How to soothe achy muscles with a hot bath

How to soothe achy muscles with a hot bath

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How to soothe achy muscles with a hot bath

Ouch! Do your sore and achy muscles have you walking like a robot? No need to panic; we have a very effective solution to relieve muscle soreness: a hot bath. We will show you how to draw a bath fit for a queen to regain control over your muscles.

What causes muscle soreness?

Muscle soreness is pain spread throughout the muscles, often occurring after intense or sporadic physical activity. It manifests as pain or a feeling of stiffness in the muscles used.

Muscle soreness is the result of micro-trauma to the muscle fibers and can appear following:

  • intense exercise;
  • a return to physical activity;
  • a skipped warm-up;
  • activity over a long period;
  • insufficient hydration.

If soreness occurs without any prior physical exertion, however, it may be triggered by a viral infection, as is typical in the case of the flu.

Although it poses no danger to health, muscle soreness causes pain and discomfort. When even the slightest movement becomes difficult to manage, dip into a nice hot bath to ease your aches and relax. So, why not hydrate your skin while you’re at it?

How to relieve muscle soreness with a bath

The heat from the bath will help prevent soreness from setting post workout, thanks to its relaxing effect. The hot water relaxes stiff muscles and promotes recovery. You also have the option of cold baths. Cold baths are a well-known remedy for muscle soreness. Cold water immersions help prevent swelling by reducing blood flow, thus providing an added pain-relief effect. Stay in the water for 5 minutes. Gradually increase your time in the water, but never exceed 10 minutes.

Skittish of frigid temperatures? Not to worry; hot baths are also recommended to ease muscle soreness. To enhance your soothing hot bath, feel free to add other ingredients such as milk, essential oils, a bubbly bath bomb or even Epsom salts.

A milk bath to promote relaxation

Hot baths speed up blood circulation and help clear acid buildup in the muscles. When your body feels tense, nothing beats sinking into a hot tub. A truly relaxing ritual, the milk bath is a natural treatment for muscle aches. It helps soothe stiffness, swelling and inflammation.

Why not also take advantage of this opportunity to care for your skin? If you are looking to relax while caring for your skin, milk is the perfect ingredient to add to your bath. In addition to its relaxing effect, the heat from the water will soften dead skin cells, and the lactic acid in the milk will exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and clean.

Compared to all the milks you can pour into your bath, Collosol Eau de Lait offers several advantages. Paraben-free, surfactant-free and dermatologically tested, Collosol Eau de Lait adds a dose of hydration to your relaxing bath. With its orange blossom fragrance, this milky lotion is an ode to luxury and travel. It helps fight skin dryness and enables the skin to soothe itself and strengthen its immunity.

The skin care benefits of the milk bath

You are no doubt familiar with Cleopatra’s fondness of bathing in donkey’s milk, a ritual which helped keep her skin smooth and youthful. Well, the legend is true! Indeed, milk baths are excellent for the skin and provide numerous benefits:

  • softness: milk baths are notorious for leaving skin super soft. This is thanks to the fat and protein in the milk, which also acts as an exfoliant, for even more softness;
  • relaxation: adding milk to your bath takes an already relaxing experience to a whole other level;
  • radiance: milk baths leave skin looking beautiful in addition to feeling soft. This is thanks to the milk’s lactic acid and vitamin A, which help eliminate dead skin cells and leave skin soft and smooth. The lactic acid also provides a toning effect for firmer skin.
  • youthfulness: thanks to its ability to stimulate collagen production, milk is also a powerful anti-aging agent for the skin;
  • relief from irritation: if you have irritated skin, milk can help reduce redness due to allergic reactions;

As you can see, milk baths have been used for centuries to the benefit of our skin. It is time you tried this age-old beauty secret! Try Collosol Eau de Lait, and you will also notice a delightfully subtle fragrance on your skin.

Adding essential oils to your bath to reduce muscle soreness

Any conversation about treating muscle soreness must include essential oils! In your home bath remedy, add a few drops of these essential oils to enjoy their benefits:

  • Wintergreen: wintergreen essential oil produces excellent results with regard to muscle soreness. This plant houses an essential oil with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Its targeted pain-relief action on muscles, joints and ligaments make this essential oil a go-to ally for muscle tension.
  • Rosemary camphor: rosemary camphor essential oil acts as a muscle relaxant. Athletes use it to prepare their muscles for training. In addition, it has long been used to improve joint comfort.
  • Organic lavender: lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make it highly effective at soothing muscle pain and cramps. It is diluted in a plant-based oil and applied by massage, and would make an excellent addition to your bath cocktail. Simply mix 4 drops with a tablespoon of a neutral base like liquid soap.
  • Ponderosa pine: the soothing ponderosa pine essential oil is a traditional remedy for muscle stiffness and cramps. To enjoy its benefits, dilute a few drops of ponderosa pine in Epsom salt.
  • Juniper: in aromatherapy, juniper essential oil is recognized for its ability to soothe rheumatic diseases. To eliminate toxins from your body and relieve muscle pain, mix a few drops of juniper essential oil with an equal part of plant-based oil, such as sweet almond oil, and add it to your bath.

Whichever muscle pain relief remedy you choose, warming up before physical activity is essential, as is stretching afterward. To recover more quickly, be sure to drink enough water all throughout the day and to consume potassium- and vitamin-rich foods, like bananas, citrus fruits, vegetables and dried fruits.

A diet rich in magnesium is also recommended if you practice intense sports or suffer from frequent muscle soreness. In fact, magnesium is a mineral that supports the body’s repairing functions. Finally, arnica montana, used in cream or granular form, is just as effective in preventing muscle soreness as in treating it. Take it easy and listen to your body!

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