How to get rid of red patches on your face

How to get rid of red patches on your face

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How to prevent red patches on the face Guide and information 2021

Skin redness generally begins with mild redness on the nose and cheeks, but can worsen over time if skin is not treated properly. Damage caused by years of sun exposure can make skin fragile, thin and sensitive, and can cause permanent redness and visible blood vessels to appear, especially on the nose. In some cases, red patches and itching can appear. Keep reading to see how you can prevent face redness.

What is the impact of red patches on the face?

Redness has a significant impact on skin quality. Not only is the skin’s complexion more uneven, but also its texture becomes rougher. Skin redness is often associated with unpleasant symptoms of sensitive skin such as itching and burning sensations. For many women with sensitive, redness-prone skin, redness tends to appear during highly stressful or emotional periods.

What causes red patches on the face?

For many women, especially those with fair, thin or sensitive skin, redness is a sign of aging due to years of sun exposure. In fact, sun exposure accounts for 27% of cases of redness. Effective sun protection is essential to prevent existing red patches from becoming more intense or new redness from appearing.

Aside from the sun, skin redness or irritation may be caused by other factors that trigger the dilation of blood vessels in the face, including:

  • stress or intense emotions;
  • sudden changes in temperature;
  • hormonal changes;
  • spicy foods;
  • alcohol;
  • tobacco;
  • pollution;
  • and more.

How to prevent red patches on the face

Seeing your face covered in red patches can chip away at your self-esteem. Skin redness is more than just a blemish you’d like to hide; it is also a symptom of sensitive skin that requires specific care and an adapted lifestyle. To reduce red patches on the face, you must:

  • avoid overly cold or overly hot temperatures;
  • avoid spicy foods and stimulants like tea or coffee;
  • avoid alcohol and tobacco;
  • protect your skin from the sun, even in winter;
  • use skin care specifically designed for rosacea-prone skin or an anti-redness hydrating cream.

How to treat red patches on the face

Dermatologists recommend specific skin care to keep redness from worsening and becoming permanent. You must therefore use anti-redness or anti-rosacea face care products. Below, we provide our recommended skin care for reducing redness on the face.


If you have skin redness, the last thing you want to do is cleanse your skin with soap and water. This will eliminate the precious lipids on your skin’s surface which protect against environmental aggressions and prevent redness.

Instead, choose cleansers that are both hydrating and gentle. We recommend Collosol Chantilly make-up remover and cleansing foam. It will eliminate impurities and remove make-up without irritating your sensitive skin.

We also recommend you avoid rubbing when drying your face. It is best to dab your skin with a soft towel. This will help prevent irritation, itching and redness.

Feel free to offer your skin a bit of relief with thermal water. Spray it on after cleansing and before hydrating, then let it dry naturally. Thermal water is rich in antioxidants and selenium and helps reinforce and soothe sensitive skin.

Tip: a spritz of thermal water is particularly effective for soothing skin redness after a wax or a shower.


Hydrating your skin is essential, but many products contain irritants that can trigger skin reactions and redness. You therefore need to choose a natural and gentle hydrating cream designed specifically for your skin type and for redness.


BB and CC creams are the perfect allies for redness-prone skin. They combine several functions in a single formula, which reduces the risk of irritation. Furthermore, they offer light and creamy textures that minimize friction and conceal redness.

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