Burning skin: 8 tips to soothe your face
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Burning skin: 8 tips to soothe your face

Publié le 21 November 19 - 5 minutes de lecture

8 tips to soothe your face

From redness to irritations and tingling, sensitive skin comes with its fair share of unpleasantness. What causes sensitive skin? How can you soothe sensitive skin? Here, we share 8 tips to soothe your face and restore your comfortable, supple skin.


What are the signs of sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a common phenomenon, affecting a quarter of all adults.

In sensitive skin, external aggressions trigger an excessive response. Sensitive skin may be a clinical symptom of a facial pathology such as rosacea, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis.

Skin sensitivity manifests as a feeling of permanent discomfort, warming, burning, tingling or tightness. In most cases, these signs are accompanied by skin dryness, break-outs and redness.


Why is my skin sensitive and reactive?

Skin sensitivity can affect dry skin as well as combination and oily skin. The skin is an organ comprised of several layers of tissue that overlap to create a barrier against the environment. Not everyone’s skin is equipped to handle external aggressions to the same degree. Some epidermises are more sensitive than others.


This skin sensitivity is the result of a reduced tolerance threshold. Certain factors may contribute to skin sensitivity:

  • Stress
  • Menstrual cycle or menopause
  • Cold or hot temperatures and the sun
  • Alteration of the hydrolipidic barrier
  • Inflammatory reactions induced by the use of unsuitable products

8 tips to soothe your face

Having sensitive skin causes significant daily discomfort. Thankfully, a few tips can help you soothe and relieve burning skin.


1- Choose a gentle make-up remover

Removing make-up thoroughly is the most important step in your beauty routine. This is even more true for sensitive skin. Pollution is an aggravating factor for skin hyper-sensitivity. Make-up removal is therefore essential to get rid of pollution, dust and make-up residue—which can intensify sensitivity—and provide daily soothing relief.


To avoid damaging the skin and triggering redness, select a gentle make-up remover to protect your epidermis’s hydrolipidic barrier. With its water- and milk-rich formula, Collosol Eau de Lait is ideal for soothing sensitive skin. Its paraben-free and surfactant-free formula is tested under dermatological control. Collosol Eau de Lait is an ally for dry skin as well as oily skin.


Once your make-up has been gently removed, cleanse your skin to soothe the epidermis and remove impurities for good. As with your make-up remover, choose a gentle formula suited to your skin type. This could be a cleansing gel or a foam designed specifically for atopic skin.


Finally, to soothe your sensitive skin, finish off your cleansing routine with a floral water spray to neutralize the effects of hard water on the skin. Rose water soothes, hydrates and offers relief to the epidermis after cleansing. Gently removing your make-up before going to bed is the best way to soothe your face.


2- Choose a suitable serum and hydrating cream

Not all face care products are suitable for sensitive skin. To soothe your epidermis, look for the following ingredients:

  • Glycerin: this hydrating agent limits water evaporation from the skin and helps keep your skin smooth and supple;
  • Hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid is known for its repairing and hydrating properties;
  • Plant-based oils: pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil, and macadamia oil are rich in essential fatty acids as well as nourishing and repairing agents.

The hydrating cream and serum are valuable allies for soothing skin irritations. Also consider adding a soothing hydrating eye contour cream that reduces puffiness.


3- Protect your skin from the sun

Sun exposure is an aggravating factor for sensitive skin. Offer your skin long-lasting soothing relief by adding the benefits of a sun lotion to your beauty routine. In summer and winter, the sun damages your skin. Sun cream is your best defense to keep skin hydrated, soothed and healthy. Before putting on your make-up, apply an SPF 10, 20, 30 or 50 sunscreen, depending on your skin type and the degree of sun exposure. Sun protection will enable you not only to soothe burning skin but also to protect against skin aging.


4- Look for soothing ingredients

While some ingredients perform wonders in terms of soothing the face, others are to be avoided at all costs:

  • Retinol-based creams
  • Creams containing fruit acids
  • Surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Some cosmetic preservatives such as Methylisothiazolinone

If you have sensitive skin, the simplest first step is to change your cleanser. Avoid any harmful ingredients, chemicals, fragrances and colorants, and instead opt for gentle products that keep the natural pH of your skin balanced.


5- Exfoliate sparingly and apply masks regularly

Exfoliating products containing polyethylene beads should be avoided as they are overly harsh for your sensitive skin. Provide soothing relief to the skin on your face by exfoliating less often. When you do exfoliate, use natural ingredients. This may include organic exfoliants made with grains of sugar, salt or fruit cores. When it comes to face masks, go for natural ingredients:

  • Honey: anti-aging, hydrating and antioxidant honey soothes the skin and promotes its regeneration. When applied to the skin, its soothing properties calm irritation and redness. Honey boosts skin elasticity and suppleness and increases cell renewal;
  • Aloe Vera: thanks to its lipid and mineral content, Aloe Vera offers anti-inflammatory and protective action. Aloe Vera gel packs a powerful punch: It soothes, relieves and hydrates all skin types.

6- Keep skin cool

Excess heat may destabilize sensitive skin, so avoid taking very hot showers, especially when washing your face. If you need to cool down your skin, place a damp hand towel in the freezer, and use it as a cold compress on irritated skin.


7- Protect skin against pollution

Over the course of the day, air pollution can stick to the skin and damage its natural barrier. Over time, these particles can accumulate on the skin and cause irritation. What is our suggestion? We recommend cleansing your skin often (always with a gentle cleansing gel), at the start and end of the day, to wash away dirt and impurities. Away from home? Use the Collosol Lingettes de Lait wipes, for a gentle cleansing on the go.


8- Drink lots of water

Staying well hydrated is crucial for beautiful-looking skin. Drinking ample water throughout the day will help restore your skin’s balance. A pretty water bottle on your desk is an excellent reminder to drink water regularly!

In conclusion, to soothe your face and relieve burning skin, adopting a beauty routine that is suited to your skin type is essential. Remove your make-up every day with a soothing cleansing milk and, for a good dose of hydration, complete your ritual with a face cream. Calm skin sensitivity and hydrate your skin by paying close attention to the ingredients in your products. Say goodbye to reactive skin, and hello to soft skin!

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